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Family, Legacy & Heritage

throughout all generations

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Join Us For Harvest Days

October 13th-14th 2023

Plan your trip now and pick up the freshest seafood in Southern Illinois. We will be selling fresh prawns straight from the pond bank! Experience a shrimp harvest firsthand!

Its Harvest Time!

Locally Grown Freshwater Prawns


Now Taking Preorders!!

Cleanest and Best Tasting Shrimp You Will Ever Eat!
Non GMO and Anitboitic Free
Locally Farm Raised Freshwater Prawns

Avaliable For Pickup Early to Mid October 2023
lbs Packages
Avaliable Fresh or Frozen
Sold Whole/Head-on

Our prawns are packaged and sold the day of harvest to ensure peak freshness! We will notify you in advance when your prawns will be ready to pick up. 

Call or text us at (618) 638-2800 for
phone orders/questions

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